New PSA’s Urge Mainers to Be Safe on Waterways 

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has a message for you this winter, it’s “Don’t Become a Statistic.”The agency partnered with Brookfield Renewable Power to create a public service announcement urging Mainers to be safe on the state’s waterways.”People who have not heeded warnings, or obvious conditions, went into trouble and it is unfortunate,” said Brian Stetson, Brookfield New England Regional General Manager.Last year, more than 100 accidents were reported during the snowmobile season. Of those, four were fatal.Corporal John McDonald says the key to keeping yourself safe is to be aware of your surroundings and check the ice using an instrument like a chisel.”Quite often the best ice that you’re going to be able to walk on or use is very clear ice you can see down through it.”If you do manage to fall, try to use your body to reach up to the surface of the ice and bring yourself up.”Try to get your arms around the ice, kick with your legs like you would to flutter to swim. If anyone is around, obviously holler, but once you get up on the ice, roll yourself away to distribute the weight.”The PSA’s will begin airing during NFL playoff games. The team behind it believes this is the perfect outlet to get the word out.”It’s hard to measure effectiveness, it really is, but if we can save one person from falling into the open water, then it was well worth it,” said Gregg Sandorin, Deputy Chief Game Warden.