LePage Memo Concerns Democratic Leaders In Augusta 

Democratic leaders in Augusta have a few questions about a memo sent out by governor Paul LePage.The Governor’s memo requests all department heads to clear any communication with lawmakers and the media with senior administration officials.The memo was sent out on Monday and is causing a bit of a stir among the democrats in the state house. They say they’ve had some trouble getting, what was once routine, information from those department heads. “It shouldn’t be hard to get a fish stocking list from the Department of Marine Resources for example,” House Minority Leader Emily Cain told reporters on Wednesday outside her office in Augusta.Cain says she’s afraid the directive could be a road block to government transparency. “My hope is that this won’t become an over-burdensome or preventative way of keeping information from people when we really all should be hoping for a more open and transparent and accountable government.”LePage insists he’s just trying stay up to speed on what’s going on. “All we’re asking is, you know, it’s like a business. I’m owning a business I’d like to know what my employees are up to. And that’s all I’m asking. Let’s just have open communication. I have no problem with anyone speaking to anyone just keep us informed. Not a big deal.”The memo was sent out to all acting commissioners.Some of those commissioners who received the memo worked in the Baldacci administration and are helping with the LePage administration’s transition and are not expected to be members of LePage’s permanent team.