Jefferson Fire Department Busy During Snow Storm 

The Jefferson Fire Department had a hectic day Wednesday and the weather sure didn’t make it any easier.According to Jefferson Fire Chief, Walter Morris, just before 11:45 a.m. they got a call of a house fire on South Clary Road.While crews were en route to that blaze, a call came in of a car fire on the other side of town. Mutual aid crews on their way to the house fire were sent to cover the car fire and had it knocked out quickly.Then, another house fire was reported on Valley Road in Somerville. Morris says fire crews from the car fire responded and had the blaze contained quickly.The original fire, on South Clary Road, was in an old farmhouse. Morris says the owner had started his wood stove then went outside to plow. He says when he went back inside the first floor of the home was on fire. The blaze quickly spread and Morris says the home was destroyed. The owner of the home is being helped by the Red Cross.No one was injured, and the other fires caused minor damage.Chief Morris says a day like Wednesday goes to show how important mutual aid is and how well the fire departments work together.