Day Four of Randall Hofland Trial 

Wednesday’s snowstorm meant a day off in the trial of a man accused of taking students hostage at Stockton Springs Elementary School.The trial of Randall Hofland resumed Thursday in Belfast.Police say Hofland pulled a gun on an officer during a routine traffic stop, then left the scene, causing an 8-day manhunt before holding students hostage.Thursday the state questioned Chief Richard LeHaye of the Searsport Police Department.LeHaye testified that all the officers on scene the night of the routine traffic stop asked Hofland to surrender.Officer Darrin Moody also took the stand Thursday.He testified that he was on the eastbound detail of the traffic stop on Route 1 in Searsport that evening.Moody said he saw headlights approaching but it wasn’t near his area of the detail so he ignored it until he heard officer Jessica Danielson yelling.He said he wasn’t sure what she was yelling until he was about half way to where she was, then he realized she was yelling “he’s got a gun.”A 911 call made by Hofland on that evening was played Thursday in court.In the call he is heard saying the officers need to leave his property and says they are just looking for trouble.The dispatcher asks him if he has a firearm, to which he responds he is just acting in self defense.Hofland also tells the dispatcher the officers can leave or it will be war.Hofland said he could not cross examine Thursday because his pen ran out of ink at the end of the day on Tuesday and says he was just given a new one this morning.Because of this he says he missed out on twelve to fourteen hours of prep time.Hofland will cross-examine the witnesses Friday.