The Effort Behind the Snow Clean Up 

Most people try to stay off the roads when a snow storm hits, but this is the view from one man’s job every winter. “We got a good crew going and we all look out for each other. Makes it easy, you know. Makes it easier, I should say.”John Kroll and his crew make it easier for everyone else on the roads.He’s one of about a dozen workers who run the snow plows for the Department of Transportation in the Bangor area.”Pretty much back and forth on the interstate and plowing, helping other trucks out and plows the ramps up north, help the people out.”The crew usually covers about four hundred miles of road.It’s a job they look to other drivers for help with.”The more cars that are off the road, not literally off the road, but not out driving, the easier it is for snow forces to clean things up,” said Regional Superintendent, Randy Gray. So far this season, they’ve had a lot of snow to clear.The DOT has spent almost three million dollars in snow clean up for this area.”A lot of us like to stay right until the and you know the roads are done the way we like it and you know a lot of us take pride in the way the roads look.”For that, drivers are grateful.