Diving at UMaine 

There has been a long tradition of diving excellence at UMaine.And there are some pretty good ones with the swim team this year. Tim Smith is off to a fast start this season. He’s only been diving for two years, he’s been working hard at it but its also safe to say he’s a natural.He is doing a forward 2 1/2 and he makes it look very easy.Ashley Higgins is a teammate of Tim Smith. They both are freshman from Bangor and they both won the New Englands in high school.”I’m very determined to get better every practice to stand up taller push up higher and throw the arms faster to get the nice rotation.”Its really tiring a lot of abs and legs and awareness of where you are in the air.Smith has already been named the conference diver of the week.”I feel like it’s a rush and like sky diving falling it’s the greatest feeling ever.”