Alert Resident Leads To Pot Bust In Waterville 

Waterville Police say they’ve broken up an elaborate pot growing operation and are thanking an alert citizen for it.Deputy Police Chief Charles Rumsey says a resident called just before midnight last night to report two men pushing what appeared to be a large metal box down the street.Police responded and found the men in a garage on Green street with a box that fit the description. Police say they checked the box to find it was a self-contained unit used to grow marijuana.Rumsey says it’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. “Obviously the indoor ones we’ve become somewhat familiar with,” says Deputy Chief Rumsey, the fluorescent lights, sometimes the watering systems, sometimes the fans. For the size of the operation to find something that is very small, self contained, and a unit that could actually be rolling down the street somewhere is definitely a first for us.”Waterville Police served 34-year-old Justin Liebowitz of Waterville with a summons for possesion of drug paraphanalia.Police say Liebowitz has a lengthy criminal record with many drug convictions.