UPDATE: Police Believe Car Chase Suspect Connected to Ellsworth Robbery Attempt 

Ellsworth police say they believe one of two men arrested after a high-speed chase in Franklin is connected to an attempted armed robbery in Ellsworth.The car, which they’re accused of stealing, crashed yesterday afternoon and police say it has the same license plate as the car reportedly involved in a crime against a local business owner last month.Sargeant Glenn Moshier tells TV5 the investigation is ongoing but police do have information that puts 29-year-old Hyunkook Korsiak as a passenger or driver in the vehicle involved in the attempted robbery.Korsiak of Harpswell is charged with possession of stolen property, vehicle theft and eluding an officer, among other counts. He’s in the Hancock County jail on $2,500 bail. His passenger, 24-year-old Joseph Miller of Whitneyville is charged with receiving stolen property and is out of jail on $2,500 unsecured bail. Police say they pursued a silver Saab the two men were in until it crashed in Franklin. Miller was arrested. But police say Korsiak took off, stole another car and was later arrested in Ellsworth.The owner of a consignment shop in Ellsworth told police two men tried to rob him at gunpoint late last month, and drove off in a silver Saab.Police say the car was stolen from a car dealer in Westbrook.Moshier says police don’t believe Miller is connected to the Ellsworth crime. Korsiak is expected to make his first court appearance Wednesday.