Special Delivery For Governor LePage On Healthcare Reform 

The Maine People’s Alliance delivered a message on healthcare to Governor LePage Tuesday.More than 2500 postcards with personal messages from Mainers. The postcards urge the Governor and new Attorney General Bill Schneider to not join a Florida-based lawsuit that will challenge the federal healthcare law passed last year.The postcard campaign began last week using e-mail and social networking sites.The alliance says Maine would have to pay about $400,000 to join the lawsuit. “Governor LePage has said he will not listen to editorials and opinion polls but we hope he will listen to the people of Maine and decide not to deny care for those who need it,” Maine People’s Alliance spokesperson Jennie Pirkl told reporters outside the Governor’s office. But LePage spokesman Dan DeMeritt says it won’t cost anywhere near that amount. Demeritt says the Governor has many concerns over the federal healthcare bill. “In terms of the Florida lawsuit that he’s hoping the Attorney General will sign Maine on to his biggest concern is a constitutional one of forcing people to buy a private insurance,” says DeMeritt.The Maine People’s Alliance says among the postcards delivered Tuesday 700 of them came from small businesses and about 500 from doctors.20 other states have already joined the Florida lawsuit.