Police Investigate Possible Dog Poisoning 

Sheila Grant thought something was off when her typically rambunctious puppy wasn’t running around the house.”He had been acting a little tired of depressed but I thought he was sort of moping because we weren’t getting out in the yard.”She and her husband decided to take two-year old Churchill to the vet just as a precaution.”That’s when he was diagnosed as having salmonella. He was put on antibiotics and the vet said he would show improvement in about three days. And, instead, in two days he was much worse. So, we took him back to the vet.”That would be one of the last times Churchill would get to go home.He died about a week later, on Christmas Eve, after his blood results showed it wasn’t just salmonella. “The blood tests came back consistent with anti freeze poisoning.”Grant decided to contact police to find out how her dog came into contact with the poison.”We spoke with law enforcement. They felt that it was very unlikely that the dog ingested rotted meat in the one place and antifreeze in another place. So, they thought this had been done together.”Churchill’s vet also told police about two similar cases he recently saw in Guilford. While he didn’t perform blood tests, he treated them as though they were poisoned with antifreeze.Both animals survived. “It might be an incredible coincidence that these three animals have all had the same thing happen, but it would be a very huge coincidence.”Until police can prove it’s anything more than that, the grants urge other pet owners in the area to look out for similar symptoms in their animals.