Doris Dow Celebrates 100th Birthday 

” I was born in Fort Fairfield Maine,” said Doris Dow.Doris Mae Dow was born on January 11, 1911, that makes January 11, 2011 her 100th birthday.”The balloons and the cake, it’s all very nice. I appreciate it very much!”Doris spent much of her life as a 2nd and 4th grade teacher. She says she loved the snow days just as much as the kids did. “When I didn’t teach because of the weather, I used to be right out there with them! I’d go home and I’d put my hood on, I’d stay right out in it. I liked it!”Doris says having fun has helped her stay young. She likes playing piano and still tickles the ivories every now and then.Doris lives at the Phillips Strickland House in Bangor. Her good friend Edna is 105 years old and lives there too.”We ate together and just got friends in that way, you know you do,” said Edna Bragg.Doris and Edna share more than just impressive ages, they both enjoy music.”After supper we used to go over and she’d play the piano and I’d sing. Well, we got kind of tired of that so we go over and just sit there and talk. Have a real good evening talking. Doris is a very nice person and we get along ok,” explained Bragg.Doris says she doesn’t have any advice on how to make it to 100, but she believes happiness plays a role. “I was just happy to be where I am and to live as long as I did… I didn’t expect to.”Doris was married to a man named Earl. She says they lived in Florida during the winter months and Presque Isle during the summer. If she was stranded on an island she would take her toothbrush, some clothes and plenty of water to drink.