Day Three in the Trial of Randall Hofland 

The trial of a man accused of holding students hostage at a Stockton Springs Elementary School in 2008 entered its third day at the Waldo County Courthouse.On Tuesday, the jury heard from Jessica Danielson, the former Searsport police officer who made that claim.Danielson described the event as traumatic and became emotional when recounting the events of that night.Danielson says she saw a car with its high beams on about 100 feet away on Route One.When she approached the vehicle, she says Hofland began to yell in an angry tone and told her to get away.When Danielson got to the car and looked inside, she says Hofland was holding a handgun in his right hand pointed at her chest.She immediately screamed “gun” to alert the other officers.At this point in her testimony, Danielson started crying, saying she thought Hofland was going to kill her.But Hofland denies he was holding a gun, he claims it was a cell phone and an MP3 player.Prior to Danielson taking the stand, former Searsport officer Steven Saucier continued the testimony he began Monday.Hofland, who’s representing himself, asked Saucier to hold up a cell phone and MP3 player to compare them to the gun Danielson alleges Hofland pointed at her.The trial is set to resume Wednesday morning, but it could be delayed depending on the weather.