Bangor Basketball Player Recovers From Concussion 

Sports injuries and recovery from them are part of the risk and grind of athletics. Some injuries are quite obvious and the healing is evident. But that’s not always the case. Broken bones and torn ligaments are indeed horrible. Surgery may be necessary. a cast may need to be applied and usually there is a specific timetable for a full recovery.But concussions fall under a different category. Bangor High basketball player Kate Treadwell had a concussion last winter. She’s likely one of hundreds with the injury…some diagnosed. Many have missed school and athletics because of it. Treadwell banged heads with a Mt. Blue basketball player. Her symptoms lasted longer than most. She had headaches and felt sick to her stomach for much of the last year. It is a silent pain for the victims. And they often get little sympathy. Kate has felt better the last few months, and tonight will be exciting for the junior. She will play her first game in more than a year. Bangor has a home game.