Rep. Michaud Says AZ Shooting Won’t Change His Work 

Maine Congressman Mike Michaud says as tragic as the shooting was, it won’t change the way he does business when it comes to connecting with the people he represents. But he says it will encourage him and other lawmakers to make sure they’ve got the best security measures available for themselves and their staffers. Michaud, who’s worked closely with Giffords on such issues as mental healthcare for veterans, says congressional leaders hosted a conference call yesterday with lawmakers, their spouses and staff. Capitol Police reminded them all about the importance of being aware of their surroundings and reporting suspicious behavior.Michaud says he still plans to hold open meetings and events with the public. “When you look at democracy what makes this country what it is today, it is because we do have open government. And I’ve always been extremely open with my constituency and I’ll continue to do so. But it will still be there, thinking about what happened to Congresswoman Giffords and others.”Michaud says two years ago, he worked with Capitol Police to upgrade security at his four offices in Maine, adding cameras, emergency call buttons and initial barriers between his staff and members of the public. But as for individual security personnel for lawmakers, Michaud says that won’t happen – it’s simply too expensive. He says another meeting with Capitol police and lawmakers is scheduled for Wednesday.