Randall Hofland Trial Day Two 

Day 2 in the trial of Randall Hofland was marked by delays before the first witness was called.The day started with a courtroom discussion about the location of papers and documentation Hofland said he needed to use in his own defense.The testimony was delayed and the jury was released until 1:30 p.m. so the papers could arrive from Somerset County where Hofland has been held.Former Searsport Sergeant and now Penobscot County Sheriffs Deputy, Steve Saucier, was the first witness on the stand. He was asked about the night of October 23, 2008 when Hofland allegedly pulled a gun on an officer and then left the scene in his car, causing an 8-day manhunt. Hofland was arrested on Halloween after allegedly holding a classroom full of students hostage. ” These two events were both violent. The first one involved police officers the second involved school children and school officials. Each event involved Randall Hofland and each event involved a gun,” said Geoffrey Rushlau, District Attorney for Knox County, during his opening statement on Friday.Friday, outside the courthouse, Hofland told TV 5 he did have a gun in both cases. He says during the traffic stop the gun was in a case in his car and at the school he had a gun, but he says, it was not loaded. “I didn’t want the children to be afraid. I made it very clear I didn’t want to hurt them,” said Hofland. Randall Hofland tells us he will be testifying at some point during the trial.One issue that was resolved Monday morning was the transfer of Hofland and his defense materials. They will be moved from Somerset County Jail to Waldo County Jail in Belfast.Hofland will stay in jail in Belfast during the week for the trial.The trial continues Tuesday morning.