Possible Robbery Suspect Involved In Crash 

Authorities say a car reportedly connected to an attempted armed robbery in Ellsworth last month was involved in a crash in Franklin today.Police were pursuing a silver SAAB with the same license plate number as the one they were looking for when the vehicle went off the road. One person was taken into custody at the scene but another one took off. Hyunkok Korsiak, 29, was the driver of the silver SAAB.He fled the scene of the accident, stole a car in Franklin, and drove into Ellsworth…That’s where Ellsworth police pulled him over after a short chase.Ellsworth police say at this time Korsiak has only been charged with eluding and driving to endanger, but other charges could be brought against him by State Police.Ellsworth police have been searching for two suspects they say tried to rob a local business owner with a gun the evening of December 30th. The owner of Needful Things, a consignment shop, had just closed the doors when he says he was confronted. Jonathan Tardiff says a man knocked on the door of his truck, then jumped in and waved a gun at him. Tardiff says the suspect then took off in a silver vehicle with a second suspect.