Musical Adventure at Cave Hill School 

Putting a musical production together typically takes weeks…if not months.Students at Cave Hill School in Eastbrook are doing it all…in five days.Joy Hollowell tells us about this musical adventure.=======”Let’s have this line stand up please”Auditions started a little after nine.”More, I’ll give you more, more work is what you’ll get.”Just an hour later, the cast was being assembled.”I think it might be the best one in the whole crowd.”Things are moving fast at Cave Hill School in Eastbrook. They have to, considering these 79 kids will be putting on a musical production of oliver twist, in just four days”I’m nervous,” says Nolan, an 8th grader at the school whose playing the part of Mr. Bumble. “Just having to memorize all the parts of the play and everything. And how everything is supposed to go in just a few days, it just seems very different.””I think honestly, if you put 50 40-year olds in the gym and said alright, we’ve got four days starting now and we’re going to put on a play, I’m not sure it would happen. But for some reason, and I’ve found this to be the case, you tell kids that they can do something, and they’ll do it, they’ll do it.”Ben Regan and Chandra Diesel know that first hand. They’re with Children’s Stage Adventures. The professional theater group travels throughout New England, visiting schools and summer camps. “You’re everything I imagined a big sister would be.”They spend one week with the students, providing them with acting skills as well as a set, props and even costumes.”So, are you excited to be in the musical?””yeah,” says Alexis, a first grader at Cave Hill School.When asked why, she replies, “because I get to sing.””Ladies and gentlemen, Lucas Jordan will be playing the part of Oliver Twist””There’s a sense of community that develops throughout the course of rehearsals,” says Diesel.And it will be the community that gets to see the finished product come Friday.===The students spend a total of 16 hours rehearsing.They will perform for another school during the day, and then for parents and the community during the evening.The program is made possible by the Cave Hill CSO, private donations and a grant from the Fast Track Community Grant Program of Maine Community Foundation.Children’s Stage Adventures spends a good portion of its tour in Maine. Last week, they were in Pembroke.