Maine Farmers Deliver Open Letter To LePage & Lawmakers In Augusta 

This morning a group of Maine’s farmers delivered an open letter to Governor Paul LePage and the legislature asking for their help.The group, called “Food For Maine’s Future”, are calling on state officials to take specific actions to help Maine’s remaining farms.In the letter they ask governor LePage and state lawmakers to enact a one year moratorium on farm foreclosures. They’re also asking state officials to look more closely at how free trade has impacted aine’s farms.The group says these actions won’t lower food costs but it will allow Maine farmers to compete and earn a living. Bob St. Peter is an organizer for the group. “It’s not going to lower the cost of food but it’s going to accurately reflect what it costs for somebody to produce food in a way that nourishes the soil, nourishes their community, and makes it so they can earn a living,” St. Peter says.The group has set up a hotline to help farmers who are on the verge of foreclosure.That number is: 866-933-9236