Farm Helps Abused Animals 

When Joyce Pomeroy found this horse a year ago, she didn’t think it would survive the night. “She had ribs showing, her butt, the top line was sunken in, she had sores all over her.”Pomeroy and her sister rescued Gemstone from a farm in Waldoboro.”We brought her home. We didn’t know if she was going to make it or not, but as you can see she did.”Gemstone joined thirteen other horses on her farm in Prentiss.They’re all part of a growing family Pomeroy started five years ago.”I didn’t realize so many horses were so neglected and abused.””I cashed in my retirement and I said I’m going to do this. This is a passion of mine.”At first, she was taking in horses that other farms could no longer afford to keep.But once she saw how neglected Gemstone was, she was inspired to do more.”I contacted the state and did some emails and phone calls and they had an agent come out, check out the farm and my situation. You have to go through quite a list of things you need and now that call me directly.”Now, Pomeroy’s farm is licensed by the state, which means she’s one of the first people they contact in cases of horse abuse.It’s a responsibility that comes with expenses, but fortunately, community support helps offset them. “Now donations are starting to come in, which is a miracle. I really believe that.”As long as people continue to believe in her cause, Pomeroy can provide a home for horses in need.