Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides 

Folks making the trip to Leonard’s Mills in Bradley could take a horse drawn sleigh ride.Photojournalist Kenn Tompkins rode along and brings you the sights and sounds.” We’re having horse drawn sleigh rides today. We do this during the winter. We’ve done it the past several winters. We’ve been blessed with a nice little snow storm last night so we have nice, fresh snow.”” We go about a quarter of a mile out into the woods and back and across the covered bridge through the village and around and back through here. It takes about a half or three-quarters of an hour.”” It gives people an excuse to get out in the winter and enjoy what Maine has to offer.”” Today we’re here and we’re going to take a sleigh ride. It’s going to be real fun and then we’re going to have hot cocoa after.”” These horses are like big cats and dogs. Everyone pats the horses and the kids all love them.”” One of my favorite animals is horses and I like all the scenery.”” I love the horses because my grandmother had one.”” Went for a sleigh ride it was a lot of fun. Great thing to do on a Sunday afternoon.”” This is our second year. Last year he was too young to appreciate it but this year I think he got the full effect.”” It’s different then spending the day inside watching tv. This gets us outside and it’s a great way to spend a day together as a family.”” It’s a wonderful place to be, it’s a beautiful day. This is a beautiful place. We have 400 acres in the middle of the woods. Pretty much unspoken land.”