Community Supports Local Toddler 

Ever since Rachael Jacobs had to rush her son to the emergency room life has been a whirlwind.”It feels like a dream. It happened, but it didn’t.”But after weeks of hospital visits her community is helping her slow things down.”When you do have a second to catch up and catch your breath and then people are calling and caring and showing their support, it’s amazing. It really is.”Sammy returned from Children’s Hospital in Boston last week, but his hometown wanted to welcome him back themselves.”Because they were away in Boston and we wanted to have something special for him here, so we got tons of food here, tons of friends, family.”Jacobs Lighthouse Ministries in Medway donated the space that filled up within minutes.”We’re just a really close knit community, and this is the best way to show that we love and we care for everybody in the community. Not just Sammy and his family, but everybody in general.””Everybody around here, they just want to give, give, give.”Along with celebrating the ones they love.