Kenduskeag Man Tries to Rebuild His Life After Losing Everything in a Fire 

Michael Taylor sifts through debris on a cold winter day trying to pick up pieces of his home and the pieces of his life, it’s all he has left after his mobile home went up in flames.”There’s nothing, no words that can describe the feeling that you no longer have anything, you just can’t describe it,” he says.Taylor was at work when the fire broke out, when he came home he saw his home fully engulfed in flames.”You just stand there shaking your head because there’s nothing you can do about it, it is what it is.”Fire crews from Levant and Kenduskeag teamed up to battle the blaze, but there was little they could do to save it. The entire structure was a total loss.For Michael’s son, Earle, the loss is more than material items, it’s memories that are now images in the past.”The house was in flames, this is where I grew up, my childhood home,” Earle said.Since the tragic incident, Michael now calls his car his home. The home that caught fire was not insured.”All of my clothes are in my vehicle just trying to get by day by day.”Family and friends have reached out, and Earle has set up an account for people to donate to help his father rebuild.As the Taylors move forward, the shock of the ordeal still lingers.”Just looking at it, I still don’t believe it’s real but we gotta push forward, we got a long way to go,” Earle said.But Michael remains optimistic, he says it’s just a bump in the road and with the support he’s received so far, he knows he won’t be walking it alone.If you’d like to help Michael Taylor, you can donate to the Michael Taylor Fire Relief fund at Maine Savings Federal Credit Union, PO Box 347 in Hampden, Maine 04444. You can email the family at [email protected]