MDI Seniors Share Research Projects 

Some students in Bar Harbor turned in to teachers today as they showed off the results of their months-long research projects. Every year seniors at Mount Desert Island High School put together senior exhibitions. The projects require each student to pick a topic of interest, ask a question about it, then work with a mentor to research the topic and answer the question. This semester students studied everything from to learning how to play a guitar to Type-1 diabetes. The final step is presenting what they’ve learned to a panel of students, teachers and community members.Organizers say it’s a great way for seniors to put the learning process into practice.Senior Rebecca O’Donnell says, “It’s just exciting being able to show what you’ve done. Like I feel so proud of what I’ve done, being able to show all that I’ve learned to others.Teacher Heather Dillon, who helped organize the Senior Exhibitions, says, “A lot of them saw it as this thing that we’re making them do. But I hope that in the end they really do see the value in it and that we do it because we think it’s going to make them better people and citizens.”65 students presented their Senior Exhibitions today. It’s the first time the school has dedicated an entire day to the presentations. Organizers also invited 75 members of the community to be on the panels and underclassmen got to listen in on the projects, too.The rest of the graduating class will share their findings in May.