LePage Continues Assembling Business Friendly Team 

Governor LePage is trying to move quickly to assemble the staff he hopes will bolster the state’s business climate. “We need to have a culture where the people that work for the state of Maine understand that the stake holders are the taxpayers and the residents of the state of Maine,” LePage at a State House press conference announcing his appointments.LePage announced his nominees for three key cabinet posts. Darryl Brown, a former legislator and head of a land development firm would head up the Department of Environmental Protection. “We can be assured that a vibrant business climate can be compatible with a clean and healthy environment,” Brown said. A former commercial fisherman and foreign diplomat, Norman Olsen hopes to run the Department of Marine Resources. Governor LePage says he’s concerned about Maine’s lobster industry. “We cannot be sending our lobsters to Canada and coming back as Canadian lobster,” LePage said. “We need to have the Maine brand brought back to life.” He’s hoping Olsen can help revitalize the fishing industry here in Maine. “The key word in all of this is sustainable,” Olsen said while speaking to reporters. “Investors, particularly processors, need to have the confidence that the value added products they create and the markets they develop over the long term can be sustained over time.”Philip Congdon, an engineer who holds 12 patents in the U.S. would be in charge of the Department of Economic and Communtiy Development. He’s focused on keeping Maine’s businesses right here. “I had someone recently describe to me that we’re watching their clients leave the state like a dripping faucet,” Congdon said. “Each time they turn around there would another business that would be leaving the state.”LePage says some parts of the state government have made it tougher to do business in Maine. “The state of Maine has been anti-business for years,” LePage said. “They’re adversarial to the private sector. And I’m not the one inventing this. We’re carrying on red tape audit meetings and that is the number one issue, the number one issue is the Department of Environment al Protection and LURC are the two obstacles for the private sector to move forward.” The three nominees will face legislative reviews and senate confirmation.LePage also announced two more policy advisors appointed to his staff. Steve Bowen, formerly of the Maine Heritage Policy Center, will advise the governor on education issues. Also joining LePage’s staff as an advisor is Mary Mayhew, former Vice President of the Maine Hospital Association, Mayhew will advise the Governor on healthcare issues.