Homecoming Celebration Scheduled for East Millinocket Boy 

A three-year-old boy’s road to recovery after an unbelieveable accident with a pencil is capturing the hearts of the people in his hometown of East Millinocket.Diana Bosch spoke with his mother Friday and found out how the community is helping him and his family.Sammy Jacobs plays with his mother, the two arrived in Maine Wednesday night after playtime with his sister turned into a fight for his life.”He stands up, turns around, looks at me, pulls a pencil out of his mouth and all I can see is blood gushing out,” recalls Racheal when she describes the accident that happened on January 2nd.A pencil punctured his right tonsil and lodged near his carotid artery. An accident that shocked his mother, Racheal, and even doctors at the hospital who feared Sammy could have suffered brain damage.”Ears, nose and throat specialists said it was by far the worst case of this type of injury.”Sammy was treated at two different hospitals before being transported to a hospital in Boston, where the medical attention he needed was readily available.”As a mother, you don’t think it can happen to you, it’s very scary.”While Sammy recovered, his family and friends back home collected items to help. “It was awesome, I was surprised that everyone was so giving,” said Racheal’s cousin, Tammi Thompson.When firefighters heard about his story and his love of firetrucks, they gave him a special homecoming when he arrived home, they escorted him on one of their trucks.Racheal says the support has been overwhelming but hopes to thank everyone at a celebration for his recovery that’s being held at Jacobs Lighthouse Ministries in Medway.She also hopes the story will make parents more aware of what’s around their children.”I can’t protect everything but I’m more aware now and so should everyone else be.”Sammy’s homecoming celebration is happening this sunday at Jacob’s Lighthouse Ministries.The church is located at 178 Pattagumpus Road in Medway.The potluck dinner begins at 3. If you have any questions, you can call 290 – 3650.