Bangor Woman Hired By NFL to Use Social Media at the Super Bowl 

A local woman has been hired by the NFL to work the Super Bowl. Becky Murdy is from Bangor and she’ll be working behind the scene in Dallas. Tim Throckmorton has more.Becky Murdy just graduated from Penn State and is back in Bangor until her Super Bowl assignment. Her job is to use all of the latest social media tools to their fullest.Becky Murdy – Super Bowl Social Media Reporter”I will be everyday videos and updating with videos and photos and blogs and tweets about inside information behind how the Super Bowl is put together. We see on the field how the teams go head-to-head but not only that I have access to the Black Eyed Peas which will be the halftime show, and I have access to the locker-rooms and I pretty much have an all-access credential which I plan to use to my fullest and let everyone who may not have the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl to be there with me and enjoy the experience and kind of see what goes on in this huge thing that everyone watches.”Becky says she’ll send us back any tidbits that may be of interest to our viewers. Sounds like a pretty cool assignment.