Waterville Businessmen To Open Steakhouse With Some Local Help 

A pair of Waterville businessmen are branching out and they’re using other local businesses to help them do it.Kevin Joseph, who owns Joseph’s Market in Waterville, is partnering with local businessman E.J. Fabian, owner of Fabian Oil in Oakland, to open a new steakhouse.The two have bought the old Jade Island restaurant on the West River Road and renovations have already begun. The new eatery will be called Joseph’s Fireside Steakhouse.Joseph says it was important to both owners to use all local businesses when it came to doing the renovation work. “We’ve been able to use all local people,” he says. “You know from the point of designing this to the contractors that we use, to the building materials that we’re buying. I don’t envision having to go any place else. Everything we need we can find right in this area.”Joseph’s Market has been a fixture in Waterville since 1925.Joseph says they’re hoping to have the new steakhouse open for business by April.