Town Says Major Road is Unsafe 

If you’re driving on this stretch of Route 2, you may notice a new message asking for your help.”We want them to have the number and to call and to express their views that they’re concerned about the condition of this road,” said Town Manager, Tom Richmond.It’s Carmel’s latest effort to convince the state to make some major road repairs.However, Richmond doesn’t believe it will be granted any time soon. “A letter that we received from the state saying that it’s unlikely that Route 2 will receive reconstruction funds within the next couple of years. Now, this is a problem that is serious enough that it can’t wait two more years.”A concern that only worsened last month when a federal pilot project allowing trucks to travel on the interstate expired .Now, trucks that weigh more than 80-thousand pounds will have to use the state’s secondary roads, like Route 2.But the Department of Transportation says there are roads all across the state that need repairs and they just don’t have the resources to fix Route 2 right now. “There’s thousands of miles of roads in Maine that aren’t built to modern engineering standards. There just isn’t the money available to upgrade the roads to modern engineering standards, so what we need to do is prioritize and you know this section of road is going to compete with other roads throughout the state for limited funds,” said DOT spokesman, Mark Latti. But Carmel’s Town Manager believes residents can still make a difference.”Hopefully, if enough people call they’ll realize that it’s not a minority, it’s a majority of people that want something done out here.”