Old Town Third Grader Rides to School in Style 

Walking out the door to head to school is something most third graders do every day, but this time, what happens next is something most kids never get to do.Taylor William hopped into the front seat of an Old Town fire truck.” Something she’ll remember for a long time I think,” said Adam Martell, a firefighter with the Old Town Fire Department.The third grader entered a coloring contest and won for her age group and the fancy ride to school was her big reward.”She drew an excellent home fire escape plan and labeled it just as appropriate as could,” said Martell.Lt. Mike Hildreth with the Old Town Fire Department says everyone should have a fire escape plan, “It’s important that every child, every family have a fire escape plan from their home and know what to do incase of an emergency.”The firefighters dropped Taylor off in plenty of time for school, and she yelled thank you as she got off the truck.Hildreth says Taylor seemed to get a kick out of the ride, but she didn’t want to make a big deal out of her arrival. She wanted to be just like any other third grader. ” We told her to hit the horn when she pulled in, but she was a little timid about it,” said Hildreth with a smile.