LePage Swears In New State Officials 

It’s day one on the job for Governor Paul LePage and he spent a lot of it meeting with lawmakers. “Just try to get to know each other and talk about when we’re hoping to get things to them and vice versa and just general strategy about how we’re going to be working together.” LePage has some lofty goals for his first term. During the afternoon, he was busy swearing in three men he hopes will help him achieve those goals. New Secretary of State Charles Summers, Attorney General Bill Schneider, and State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin.Before administering their oaths, LePage offered some instructions for his new Secretary of State. “I will ask that he work very, very hard at making it easy and inexpensive to register, license, and get new businesses going in Maine,” LePage said to Summers.Summers says he’s ready for that challenge. “Well Governor I’m glad to tell you the elves are here to do the work that’s required to get it done.”attorney general Bill Schneider told lawmakers he has some pressing issues he’s ready to go to work on. “First we must fight the epidemic of prescription drug abuse,” he said. “As a prosecutor of drug crimes for a number of years I know how the misuse of prescription drugs sits at the intersection of many other crimes.””New State Treasurer Bruce Poliquin says perhaps the biggest challenge facing the new administration is the 12-billion dollars in debt the state has accrued over the years. He says we can’t keep adding to it. “The good people of Maine have sent us here to do their work. They expect results. Not kicking the fiscal can down the street.” LePage and his new state officials say they’re the right men for the job. “Your new team of leaders in Augusta have a secret weapon,” Poliquin tod a packed State House. “We’re not looking at the next job. “We’re not looking at the next election. We will do what is right for the people of maine so help us God.”