Two Maine Veterans Receive French Legion of Honor Medal 

The French Legion of Honor Medal was created by Napoleon in 1802, it’s purpose is to acknowledge great services rendered to France.”He wanted to have a medal for all of the soldiers who were struggling for him,” said Gregory Hamon, French Vice-Counsul General.Two Mainers are now the proud recipients of the honor. Arthur Willard of Lewiston and Harold Roderick of Baileyville, both World War II veterans.They were presented with the honor at the Togus VA Chapel in Augusta.”I couldn’t believe it to begin with,” said Arthur Willard.Harold Roderick agrees, ” It’s like our Medal of Honor, so it’s important.”It’s the highest honor one can receive for service to France and it’s not something that’s easy to be selected for.”Between 10 and 20 people are awarded with this,” said Hamon.Roderick and Willard are honored to receive the medal, but they’re even more honored to be veterans.” We were in there first because we had charge of bringing in all the others afterward. So if we didn’t do it right, we’d mess it all up,” said Roderick.” We served the best we could, we did everything we could and we’re lucky to be here alive today,” added Willard.