Inauguration Crowd Reacts to New Governor in Maine 

Mainers who attended to today’s history-making inauguration say they’re ready to see new governor Paul LePage get to work. Echoing the mood of LePage’s campaign, many of them we talked to say the state is ready for a change and LePage is the man to bring it about. Lisa Grard of Winslow: “I’ve been a Democrat all of my life and as soon as I could change to be a Republican to vote for him, I did.”Ed Copelin of Benton: “I think it’s time we cut back on a lot of things and if this man can’t do it, I think we’ve lost our chance. The state’s on its way down the hill.”Rick Tetrev of Woolwich: “I’m just thrilled for Maine to be, once, again, a red state. It just doesn’t get any better.”Bonnie Ellis of Waterville: “I would like to see him work on the budget and I know that’s quite a big task but I do think he might be the man to do it. And I hope he does whatever he can to make a difference and I think with what he’s done with today’s festivities, that he’s made a change there.”Bob Kanewske of Waldoboro: “I’m optimistic to see that someone who’s interested in the constitution of Maine and United States is going to take office and hopefully reduce the size of government and encourage the business climate in this state that we haven’t had for a long time.”Cecille Tetrev of Woolwich: “Oh, I think it’s just going to be a wonderful thing for Maine. I’m just so excited. I just think he’s going to be the best governor ever!”Folks we talked to agree that welfare reform should be a top priority for the governor along with job creation, business growth and balancing the state budget.