Augusta Civic Center Getting Set For Inauguration 

Crews are hard at work at the Augusta Civic Center getting ready for the inauguration of Maine’s next Governor.The inauguration of Paul LePage as Maine’s 74th Governor means a whole lot of work for crews here at the Augusta Civic Center. Dana Colwill, Building Director, Augusta Civic Center. “This is my fourth one so we’re used to it,” he says. “We’ve been down this road before. It’s a challenge, but we’re very confident we can handle it.”After more than two years of campaigning, officials in the LePage camp are ready to get started. “It’s exciting but it’s tiring,” says Brent Littlefield, LePage’s Senior Political Advisor. “We’ve still got a lot of work to do, not only to finish the inaugural ceremony, but to govern. And I know Paul LePage is very interested in going to work and fulfilling those promises he made as far as fighting for economic growth in Maine.”With less than 24 hours to go until showtime, the crew is making sure nothing is left to chance as you can imagine, security will be tight. “Security will be handled mostly by the Maine State Police and the National Guard is involved as well with the inauguration,” says Colwill. “Maine State Police will be involved all day. I have a couple people on staff that I’ll hire just to be a go to for us.”Governor Baldacci will also be in attendance and Littlefield says this marks the first time in Maine history an outgoing Governor will attend the incoming Governor’s inauguration and Governor Baldacci will have some friends with him. “So we’re going to have Governor Baldacci with us, Governor King will be here, Governor Mckernan, and Governor Brennan and they’ll all actually enter the hall together and they’ll have the chance to walk through the crowd and have people recognize them here,” says Littlefield. “I think it’s appropriate and Governor-Elect LePage thinks it’s appropriate that we would recognize our former governors.”The inauguration ceremony is an invite only event. You can see live coverage of paul LePage taking the oath of office tomorrow at noon right here on WABI TV 5.