Keeping Kids Active in Winter 

Now that the holidays are officially over, it’s not unusual for the winter blahs to start setting in.And kids are no exception.Keeping young bodies active isn’t as tough as you think.As Joy Hollowell shows us, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.========Winter time can be the best time to enjoy Maine. But it can also be the hardest time to stay active.”We know in Maine with the sun setting at an earlier time frame, it really kind of inhibits any outdoor activities.”Kate Yerxa is the Statewide Educator for Nutrition and Physical Activity for the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. She says besides the shorter days, cost can also an obstacle to enjoying Maine sports. ,any parents just can’t afford season ski passes or a brand new pair of skates. “But the reality is, that’s not true,” says Yerxa. “You can very easily borrow skis or skates from family and friends. Check out local Goodwills or recycled shops.”Log onto’ll find programs for discounted and even free tickets to go skiing, snow shoeing and other winter activities.there are after school programs that get kids outdoors. Yerxa says it’s also smart to check with your local YMCA.On extremely cold days, or if your children are too young to be outside for a long period of time, Yerxa says there are plenty of ways to keep them active inside.”Kids have an activity to make musical instruments, from items around your home,” says Yerxa. “Like an empty paper towel- they can make a drum or a pretend trumpet. And then you can create a parade route through your house.”Local libraries often offer free programs for infants up to teens. And, check with your local parks and rec department for open gyms. Bottom line-“There are lots of things to do in the winter of Maine,” says Yerxa.