Eastport Port Expansion 

Along the shore of the Eastern most city in the United States a new terminal could be a new beginning not only for the area, but for the state of Maine and beyond.A groundbreaking celebration was held in Eastport Monday morning.”What we’re putting together here,” said Chris Gardner the Executive Director of the Eastport Port Authority said. ” Is really about connecting the state of Maine, not just Eastport, but the state of Maine with the rest of the world bulk commodities markets.”The new cargo terminals will make it easier for the area to diversify the products that are being shipped through this port and that means more jobs, according to Maine Senate President, Republican Kevin Raye. “You’re going to see a lot of spinoff and respect to the ability, now that we have a port that can ship these products I really think it will help us spur on more of the development of the world products industry, this sector of it. Not to mention the trucking jobs that are a part of it.”The nearly seven million dollar price tag is being covered by a federal grant and bond money approved by Maine voters.”This is a real example of how government can work well,” said Senator Raye. ” It’s a state project, it’s a federal project, it’s a local project and it’s spurring on jobs and the development of much needed infrastructure.”The project is expected to be completed in September or October but more can be done in the future.”No one has put a limit on the potential of the port, you do have natural deep water here but in order to take advantage of the opportunities you have to invest and you do that one phase at a time,” said David Cole the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Transportation.”We just look at this as another step on our journey, we can not rest,” said Gardner. ” We have to take what we have here, take the people the investors and show the dividends that we know we can and from there keep building.”After the speeches were given the ground was broken, not with shovels but an explosion that hopefully will lead to a boom in business here for years to come.