Downtown Countdown Breaks Attendance Records 

Trash on the floor is all that is left from Saturday night’s Downtown Countdown, Bangor’s New Year’s Eve celebration.More than three thousand people crowded the streets in front of Paddy Murphy’s restaurant to watch the ball drop, setting a record.”Between 11:30/midnight it looked like a mini-Woodstock was taking place in the streets,” said Mike Dow.Dow, one half of Kiss 94.5’s “Mike and Mike”, was given the honor of throwing the ball from the roof of Paddy Murphy’s to ring in the new year.”It was a safe, fun family event and I know a lot of people enjoyed it and look forward to it every year.”Just after the clock struck midnight, the celebration almost took a turn for the worst when partygoers began throwing snowballs from the roof of Paddy Murphy’s.”We got hit with some residual snow, I saw some people get hit, it’s a shame that whenever you have a fun event there’s always some people that try to spoil it for everybody but they didn’t succeed,” Dow said.Dow took to Facebook to set the record straight, letting attendees know that event organizers were not responsible for the snowball fights.”My fear of course was that people would see snow coming down and be hit by snow and think that we had something to do with it but we were on the street when it began.”Despite what could have been a slushy mess, area restaurants got a boost in business.”Events like this really draw out of our normal customer base, which if nothing else give us more exposure,” said Brett Settle.Settle, the owner of Giacomo’s says he would like to see more events added in the future.”For the next four months there’s really nothing going on so it’d be neat to see a winter carnival or something like that go on.”