Review of Some 2010 News Headlines 

As 2010 comes to an end we decided to take a look back at some of the stories of this year that made big headlines here at TV-5 News.Meghan Hayward reports.The TV-5 News team is always working hard to bring you, the viewers, the latest breaking news.We followed the story of the machete attack on a Pittson family, both men involved in that were sentenced in 2010.The Guerrette family spoke of the attack.”I could see a shadow of a man scurrying. I said, “Hey, what’s going on?” and as I went toward him I had the hardest hit of my life on my head and then my little girl woke up to her daddy being killed and when she came out of her bedroom, instead of telling her to go back in he went and tried to kill her. He left us in a pool of our own blood and left for dead.””I feel bad because I look different because of my scars and I act differently because of my brain. It’s because I’m missing part of my brain.”Leo Hylton, one of the men involved in the attack, also had his turn to speak.”I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart.” Then in June, 22-year-old Daniel Fortune of Augusta was sentenced to life in prison, for his role in the machete attack.In June a triple homicide rattled the small town of Amity. Three people, including a young boy, were stabbed to death.In July, we had some pleasant news to report. President Obama came to Bar Harbor to vacation, having everyone questioning where they would visit.But one thing is for sure, for many folks in Bar Harbor, the first family’s visit left a long lasting impression.”I had about 15 minutes notice he was coming in…I was like this is unreal right now. I can’t believe the President is at my restaurant and that I’m going to be waiting on him.”In October, a guilty verdict was returned in the murder trial of Colin Koehler.A verdict that brought some relief to the family of Holly Boutilier.”Thank God justice for Holly.”Then in Setember a family of three were killed in an accident in Dedham. Just recently the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office said water on the road combined with inadequate tires on the car caused the crash.Thirty-four-year-old Carlos Tapia, his wife, Rachelle, and her 4-year-old daughter died when their car collided with a pick-up on Route 1A.November was a big month for Maine Republicans. Paul LePage was elected to governor and they celebrated their takeover of both the Maine House and Senate.And just this week, a chair lift incident at Sugarloaf Mountain drew national headlines.TV-5 caught up with a female who was on one of the chairs that derailed.” All of a sudden I realized we were dropping and I could see the chair in front of me dropping as well.”It’s hard to guess what headlines 2011 will bring us, but you can count on TV-5 to bring them to you.