Manhunt Is On After Attempted Armed Robbery 

An Ellsworth store owner had quite a scare Thursday night when he was held at gunpoint in an attempted robbery attempt. Now police are trying to hunt down the two suspects they say are invlolved.For Jonathan Tardiff it was a typical weeknight. He was closing his store, Needful Things on High street in Ellsworth around 5:30 Thursday night. He started his truck and was set to head home when he heard a knock on the passenger side window. Tardiff says he thought someone may need some help. “I hit the lock button and a young guy jumped in,” says Tardiff. “Early 20’s, probably 5-8 or 5-10 in a black hooded sweatshirt, with black sunglasses, and he had a gun and went to raise it on me and I just, first instinct, just took off.”Tardiff ran back towards his store but suddenly realized the store was locked and the keys were still in the ignition in his truck with the gunmen. Ed Moore was working later than normal that night and saw Tardiff running toward him. “All of a sudden I see John over their jumping out of his truck running across the parking lot towards me,” Moore says. “I see another guy behind the truck. I didn’t know exactly what was going on. He ran pretty fast. He jumped in my truck on the passenger side and said he was held at gunpoint.”Once inside the truck the two men called 911 and then actually took off after the suspects. They were able to get a description of the car and a plate number and relayed the information to police. Tardiff says he’s angry that after 30 minutes nobody had responded to the call. “So I called the station again and they said, ‘well can you come down and we’ll interview you here?’ And I said absolutely not. I need someone here now. This was an armed robbery in Ellsworth, Maine. How often does that happen?”Sgt. Glenn Moshier of the Ellsworth PD says officers were immediately out scouring the area of High Street, Route 3, and the Downeast Highway searching for the suspects. “Our priority at that point, we knew there was no injury or anything at the shop,” said Sgt. Moshier. “Our highest priority was to try and locate the suspect and the vehicle.” Tardiff thinks the people involved may have been customers of his. “Well I think it’s someone that knew what time I was closing and knows that I buy and sell gold here and I carry money on me.”Tardiff says he’s lucky, he knows things could have ended much worse.Police are still searching for those two suspects. The man who pulled a gun on John Tardiff is described as 5-8 -5-10, wearing dark sunglasses, with a black hooded sweatshirt, and blue jeans.The two men fled the scene in a silver Saab or Audi with a loaner plate, number “92-K”Police say that plate was reported stolen from a car dealer in Westbrook. That same vehicle was also reported to police for erratic driving earlier in the day on Thursday.Anyone with information is being asked to contact Ellsworth Police Detective Dotty Small at 667-2133.