Snowmobilers Take to the Trails 

With all the fresh powder, skiiers aren’t the only ones enjoying the snow. Snowmobilers are hitting the trails. Riders are being encouraged to keep safety in mind before heading out.Last year in Maine there were nine fatalities. Authorities are urging riders to sled sober, keep to the right, ride responsibly and always wear a helmet. “If you’re 18 and you’re on a state funded trail, which is an ITS trail you have to have a helmet on. Unfortunately, Some of the accidents we’ve covered over the years are in backyards or on little ponds — people out ice fishing and they’re not required by law to have a helmet on,” says Maj. Greg Sanborn who is with the Maine Game Warden Service. Game wardens are also warning people about the thin ice. Maj. Sanborn says it’s not ready to be ridden on. In addition, the ice fishing season starts on New Years day and wardens are asking folks to use extreme caution when venturing out on the lakes and ponds.