Searsport Woman Survives Life Threatening Disease 

The last thing Myrtilla Laieski remembers is working in her garden on a spring day.”After I got the last plant in the ground I went to come in the house and I was kind of staggering.”Two and a half weeks later she woke up in a hospital bed to hear news that would change her life.”The doctors came in and said it was from the sepsis. I said ‘what?’ They said, well you had sepsis and pneumonia, and your body was trying to bleed out.”A complication with Myrtilla’s pneumonia led to a rare disease called disseminated intravascular coagulation, or DIC. It creates blood clots all throughout the body, killing anywhere from 40 to 80 percent of the people diagnosed with it. “At that point, my hands had turned black and my feet were black.”As a result, both her hands and a foot were amputated.She’s scheduled for another amputation next month. At forty-four years old, Myrtilla is a mother of three grown kids who just wanted to spend time with her husband.”I was looking forward to having some down time without kids hanging off me and doing normal things like normal people do, and in a moment, just a freaking second, it was all gone.”But not forever.Myrtilla is researching a prosthetic that would give her hand and arm function. “I’m hoping to be able to get the myoelectric hands, which um they react to nerve muscles just like your fingers do.”Those are priced at about 25-thousand dollars each, which is why community support is becoming an important part of her recovery.During the holidays, she received cards with donations from people she’s never even met.”When you just think that nobody cares anymore, and that people will get together and do those kind of things has been totally, totally, totally unreal.”Their help goes towards what Myrtilla thinks could one day give her a chance at the normal life she wanted.If you’re interested in making a donation to Myrtilla, you can mail it to:Searsport Full Gospel ChurchP.O. Box 619Searsport, ME 04974