Local Kid Gets National Attention 

A Searsport High School student has drawn national attention for what started out as a school project.We reported yesterday on Zachary Parker’s school assignment requiring him to pick a political or social issue and act on it.He chose to take on the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas.The church group has caused a stir nationwide by protesting outside soldiers funerals.Parker has proposed legislation to ban such protests.That’s caught the attention of the Westboro Church, which says members will be there to protest parker’s public forum on the issue in Searsport.And it’s also sparked interest from the folks at Fox and Friends.Parker is slated to be a guest on the national show tomorrow morning at 8:20.Fox and Friends sent a limo to pick Parker up in Searsport today and take him to Boston.Parker is inviting everyone who’s interested to come to his public seminar. He’s seeking input on his proposal.That seminar is set for Wednesday, January 5th at Searsport High School.If you’d like to go please RSVP by e-mailing [email protected]