Public Works Departments Say They Are Ready to Tackle Winter 

In the middle of this week’s major snow storm, plow drivers were out in full force cleaning up mother nature’s mess.David Cote, the Director of the Brewer Public Works Department, says all 14 plow drivers were out spreading salt and sand to ensure a safe commute for those on the road.”When the storm started, everybody came in around 9 o’clock at night on Sunday and they were here until about 10 to 10:30 Monday then a couple of guys stayed to attend to snow drifts.”The city’s Public Works Department budgeted one hundred thousand dollars for snow cleanup. Cote says they rely on historical data to figure out how much money they’ll spend. Costs include sand, equipment and overtime.This year they got lucky. Last year’s relatively mild winter let them save on one of the most expensive clean-up items: salt.Cote said they were able to reduce the salt this year by thirty five thousand dollars.In Bangor, Public Works Director Dana Wardwell says they’re ready for storm season, too.”We generally stock pile six thousand yards of mixed sand and salt every year and we budget for five thousand tons of salt.”The budget is a fixed average every year. “We budget for an average storm. Some years we run over, but we have to plow the streets we have to plow the sidewalk we have to keep the city going,” he said.And to keep the city going, some plow drivers put in more than 24 hours of work. An effort they’re prepared to repeat, all throughout the winter.