New Years Beer 

It’s a taste they waited two years to enjoy.”Yum.”Beer that’s been aging in old, wooden bourbon barrels. “It’s kind of unusual to have a 2-year old aged beer, but we were forced because of a big flood from Belfast Harbor last year to postpone this for a year,” said David Carlson, owner of the Marshall Wharf Brewing Company.Normally, breweries only let their beer age for about a year.But the brewing company thinks the delay will work to their advantage. “The beer will pick up some of the vanilla, caramel, charcoal, bourbon flavors and depending on what kind of beer you have in that barrel it’s going to change and become pretty different from what you originally put in there.”The Belfast company filled four barrels with their home-brewed beer.Only recently did they finally get to open them up.”Within the last two weeks, just before the holidays, before Christmas we started blending the beers and that’s when it got exciting to see what they were going to turn into.”The brewery has a team of experienced beer drinkers working around the clock to blend and create three new beers.They all have a particular customer in mind.”I think people that like bourbon and people that like beer. I mean, think about putting those two things together and it’s pretty exciting.”Anyone who falls into those categories can try one of the new brews starting saturday. “Bottles are going to retail through our store for twenty dollars for a 22-ounce bottle of beer. So, I think some people are just going to say we’re crazy and we are crazy!”But sane enough to know a good beer when they taste it.