Maine’s Best High School Gymnast Back After ACL Injury 

Chelsea Perry is a gymnast from Waterville. Less than a year ago she tore the ACL in her knee on a balance beam dismount. That January day she cried and said to her father “why me”. The next day, she began her comeback plan.And today she was back competing at the Alfond Youth Center. Tim Throckmorton with more.Tina Perry – Chelsea’s Mother”I had no doubt that she would be back, no doubt. She was ready to go back to the gym a week after surgery.”Waterville – Alfond Youth CenterWhen she found out she had to have knee surgery it was how soon can I be back counting months and weeks.”I knew I could come back from it its been 5 months of struggle.”Chelsea is the best gymnast in the state. She is the only level 10. She’s a senior now at Waterville high school and when the injury happened, college coaches stopped calling, scholarship offers stopped coming.”I think thats not fair. They blew it.”Chelsea Perry – Waterville Gymnast”They kinda look down on injuries cause they don’t think you can come back strong. But I think I’m better than ever.”She’s actually able to do more now 10 months out of surgery than she could do last year. Carol Evans – Decal Gymnastics Coach “She’s gonna go to some college and she will prove herself. If she walks on.””I’m the kind of person that won’t let something bring me down. I’ve always worked through everything.”She’s so good that she has to leave the state to compete against people at her level. Her senior year Maine state championship meet is four months away where, at level ten, she’ll again compete against herself.