Investigation into Sugarloaf Chairlift Incident 

State inspectors continue to probe Tuesday’s chair lift incident at Sugarloaf Mountain.Ski lift chairs fell up to thirty feet to the ground below, sending eight people to hospitals.Others were stranded, suspended on the chairlift, some for more than an hour.Sugarloaf officials Wednesday, said workers were trying to realign a cable on the lift, and were getting ready to shut it down when the cable jumped its track.Meghan Hayward reports.Inspectors with the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation are working with Sugarloaf to gather information in the investigation of what caused chairs to somehow detach from a chair lift, sending skiers plummeting about thirty feet into the snow.Rebecca London was in one of the chairs that derailed.” All of a sudden I realized we were dropping and I could see the chair in front of me dropping as well.”London did not need medical treatment.” I was still in my chair, so when I hit the snow I kind of got some whip flash and went forward and hit the restraining bar but I had my goggles on so it saved me from injury.”Seven of the injured people were taken to Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington.Four people were treated and released on the same day. One person remained at the hospital overnight.”That patient had trauma that was sufficient to require additional observation and oversight so that occurred and was then appropriately discharged this morning.”Hospital officials say of those injured, five were adults and two were kids. And they say two of them were transferred to Maine Med in Portland.Officials say about a month ago they had performed a drill with the folks at Sugarloaf that was similar to what occurred Tuesday. They say that drill helped.”If you practice something there’s a certain professionalism and calm that comes forward when there’s an emergency event and that was my observation yesterday.”London’s father and brother took part in that drill a month ago. They’re volunteers with the ski patrol.” My brother sort of expressed how eerily similar the drill was to reality so I think that really prepared them for what happened.”London says she feels fortunate she was not injured, but also says it won’t keep her from skiing at Sugarloaf.” I definitely plan on being out there tomorrow.The conditions are great and it’s such a rare occurrence to happen that I’m not worried to be out there again.”Officials say a detailed report by the Maine State Board of Elevators and Tramways will be released once the investigation is complete.