Owner of a Dog Accused of Biting a Bangor Woman Moves Away 

The owner of a dog accused of attacking a woman in Bangor has moved.Kim Giles says her neighbor’s dog attacked her, her dog and her son outside of her home in November.Giles says the dog mauled her hand.Since then she’s undergone physical therapy. She tells us her doctors say she may not regain full use of her thumb.Last week, the dog’s owner, Scott Smith, moved out of his home taking his dog with him and left a note for Giles.”There was a bad with a blanket and on the blanket there was a picture of a black lab with Miles’ name and a nice card from them saying that they hoped that I would feel safe again and God bless,” Giles said.Giles says she thought it was a very nice gesture and believes Smith understands her fear.The dog was quarantined for ten days to make sure it didn’t have rabies… Smith is scheduled to appear in court January 19th.