A Creative School Vacation 

It may be school vacation, but these kids are still hard at work.”We’re kind of making like a frisbee, but it just has points at the end instead of being round.”But no text books are needed to do it.They’re taking part in Bangor Public Library’s origami workshop.It’s part of the library’s vacation week activities.”It’s like calming me, and school like stresses me.”Which is exactly why a local high school senior wanted to host the workshop.Colby Houghton does origami as a hobby.He recently started working with kids in the area to teach them a creative way to wind down.”It keeps their mind engaged and still continuing to learn something even though they’re not still in school”And the kids seem confident in how they’re doing.”Pretty good. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert.”Good enough to hang on the walls of the library when they’re done.