Blizzard Brings in the Business 

It’s being called a snow emergency, but to some people it’s really a late Christmas present.”The more snow the better because when you fall it doesn’t hurt.”Dave hamel decided the best way to spend the blizzard was outside on Hermon Mountain with his daughter.”I didn’t have to work so I can get a full day of skiing. So, it was planned ahead of time and the snow was just icing on the cake.”A sweet sentiment shared by those who rely on the snow for business.”We love it, obviously. We spend way to much time making it,” said Hermon Mountain owner, Bill Whitcomb.”Yippee. We’ll take the 12-15. We know what to do with it.”Penobscot Snowmobile Club and Hermon Mountain are both hoping for a long and promising season.”This year, we’d like to see it hang in there until March a little bit,” said Club rep, Byron Ogden. Whitcomb says the warmer temperatures at the beginning of winter made that seem unlikely.”We had that rainstorm a couple months ago. We had made a pile of snow and we didn’t lose all of it, but we lost a lot of it.”However, this week’s weather is making up for that.”It’s been a really hard setup but that’s behind us now.”Skiers and boarders seem to agree.”They’re awesome. All powder. So much fun.”That is, for the brave ones who decide to head outside.