Air Travellers Brave Maine Blizzard 

Anyone who did not have to be out on the roads, was being urged to stay home.For those who did have to venture out, the swirling snow made conditions downright treacherous in some areas.As Joy Hollowell tells us, whether you were traveling by air, bus, or car, today’s blizzard gave everyone quite the adventure.==========(Tires spinning in snow)Ahhh, the familiar sounds of winter in Maine. Blinding snow kept road crews busy from night until day, until nighttime again.Dana Wardwell with Bangor Public Works says drifting snow, “especially out on the country runs where there’s wide open fields. The plow truck can go by and in a very short period of time, it appears like they haven’t been there for a long time.”Bangor International Airport was open for business, but a number of travelers were stranded because of problems at other airports.”Flights to New York and Philadelphia have been cancelled due to weather conditions there,” says Rebecca Hupp, Director of BIA. “Our flights today, Bangor is open and so our flights, for example, our Allegiant Air to Sanford will be departing today as planned.”Christopher Stone flew in from Florida. “We definitely knew there was going to be a storm,” says Stone, “so we arrived early this morning to see if the flight was going to be still on. And, it was on time, so we’re happy that we’re home now.”It was a different story at the bus terminals. Greyhound bus lines had to cancel their routes for the day. Concord managed to make the afternoon route, but had to cancel two in the morning. Kids off from school certainly had no complaints. For them, this is a winter wonderland. But for others, it’s a vivid reminder of what they hate about winters in Maine.