Runners Brave Weather for Holiday Race 

Hats, gloves and some early morning competition closed out the holiday weekend for about one-hundred local residents.”I just think it’s a great way to wrap up the holidays. Especially after all the food and everything else people tend to have. It’s just great.”While Epic Sports’ 5-K Race may be great for some, it was definitely cold for everyone. “My sister and I run most of our races together and this was out second year doing it, and we both looked at each other at the beginning and were like it wasn’t this cold last year.”But the temperature didn’t keep people away.In fact, this was the store’s biggest race in its history. “We had a great pre-registration, and we’re going to probably have about the biggest turnout of all five years.”Every year, Epic Sports hosts the race after Christmas.It’s become a new years tradition for many runners.”It’s like a kickoff to the celebration of New Years and Christmas and stuff.””It’s a good way to sort of wrap up the year.”Perhaps even a new years resolution to run it again next year.